Pastor Jeff Perry - Weekly Pastor's Letter Blog
Bob Forhetz
Posted: 2/20/06
Pastor Jeff,

Our daughter has attended your church for over 7 years now. My wife and I
have been to your services on many, many occasions and I must say that we
appreciate your love and dedication to the Lord, and His continual moving in
your services. It blesses me tremendously to see people come forward to
give their heart to the Lord nearly EVERY SERVICE that I attend. This is
where it's at! This is God's call to all of us - to be soul winners for Him.

This past September, we celebrated my wife's Homegoing to Heaven after a two
month bout with pancreatic cancer. I must say that you and your ministry
staff were tremendous during this very trying time. From the visits to the
hospital and the visitation at Faith Family Church in Shiloh, IL, to your
personal love and acknowledgements to my daughter as well as me in services
at your church following my wife's homegoing have all ministered volumes to
my heart. . . We miss her dearly, but rejoice that she is where she lived her whole life to be - IN HIS PRESENCE! . . .

It is my prayer that God will give you many, many more exciting and
wonderful years doing His will in His Service. Your constant quest for more
souls, and helping the hurting more, needs to be replicated in churches all
over the world! Just think what it would be like if whole countries caught
the FIRE for Him like you have!! Your TV spots lighten all of St. Louis!
Thank you for them!

It is truly an honor and privilege for my to add my sincere greetings and
Blessings for a most enjoyable Golden Birthday. May God double your years
PLUS as many more years as you want to work for Him! May God continue to
keep His Hand upon you and fill you with more of HIM! May His Favor,
Protection and Provision always be yours.

God's Richest Blessings on you and your family.

In Him,

Bob Forhetz
(Father of Deanne Figura)
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